Bona's Tammy

Sex: Female

Date of birth: May 19, 2014
Height: 25inches (63cm)
: 64lbs (29kg)


Pedigree: Tammy's dam is Atena. You can see more information about Atena at: .

Tammy's sire is Hektor Step Haus Zoric. Hektor is an International Champion. He also holds multiple titles in the field. His sire, Ataman Duma Kazana is a Dual Champion and IKP - France 2005. You can see more about him at: . Hektor's dam, Anja, is also a Dual Champion and an International Champion. Most of the dogs in his pedigrees hold titles in both field and shows. Hektor's pedigree can be viewed by clicking here.

Description: Tammy is a very calm and laid back female. She is an extremely intelligent, obedient and affectionate dog. She has always been very easy to work with. Tammy is a close range hunter with excellent ability in the water and a great retrieve. She sets a great example for a calm, close range, "all around" GSP.