Bona's Star

Sex: Female

Date of birth: October 24, 2012
Height: 24inches (61cm)
Weight: 58lbs (27kg

Pedigree: Star is almost a full HEGE-HAUS female. We imported Daisy, Star's mom, from Serbia. Obelix, her sire, is one of the top dogs in Europe. Daisy's brother is a European Champion. Two of Daisy's half brothers are world champions. Obelix has 80 titles between shows and the field. He is a Field Champion and he hols a title equivalent to a Master Hunter in the USA. At shows, he is an International Champion, Multi Champion, Junior World Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Czech Republic, Champion of Slovenia, Champion of Serbia. His sire, Ungaro vom Hege Haus, has twice that many titles. He is one of the most titled and one of the best Hege-Haus dogs. On her dam's sire, her grand-sire is Kunfurhetoi Baro who is a dual champion and a reproduction champion.

Star's sire is Deks.  Deks is a Champion of Serbia and Champion of Croatia. He also holds a title equivalent to a Master Hunter in the USA. He holds close to 50 titles between the shows and the field. His sire is Baro. The breeding we did was somewhat of a line breeding to bring back the old, successful lines of Hege-Haus. In his pedigree you will also find some of the very strong Hege-Haus dogs such as Beau, Yyes, Diamant.

Description: Star is a very calm and intelligent female. She is a close range hunter with excellent drive and natural hunting ability. She quarters the field well. Star is an excellent retriever. She also loves water. Confirmation wise, she has a beautiful, full head; deep chest; and excellent proportions.