Bona's Sandra

Sex: Female

Date of birth: October 21, 2011
Height: 23.5 inches (60cm)
Weight: 55lbs (25kg

Pedigree: Faith, Sandra's dam, is Don's daughter and Bona's granddaughter. Don and Bona are both Dual Champions and extraordinary dogs. To see more information about Faith, please click here.

Emil, the sire, is an International Champion. His pedigree consists of mostly Italian dogs. They are dual quality dogs with beautiful hunting styles. His grandsire, Urgo 'Di San Fiorano, is one of the best known dogs when it comes to competition lines in Italy. He held numerous titles in the field and at shows. In his third generation, Gerry De La Sarga is an absolute field trial champion.

Description: Sandra is an exceptionally natural hunter. The very first time that she was introduced to birds she got on two points. She has never broken a point since. She has an excellent nose and tons of drive. Sandra has great speed and stamina in the field. She hunts close and she covers ground quickly and thoroughly. Sandra is an excellent retriever. At home, she has moderate energy. She is a very intelligent, obedient and affectionate dog.