Bona’s Nestley

Sex: Female

Date of birth: May 22, 2012
Height: 23.5inches (60cm)
Weight: 56lbs (25.5kg

Pedigree: Balzac, the sire, is an International Champion. He is an import male from France. His entire pedigree is stacked with Champions, Dual Champions and Field Champions. For more information about Balzac, please click here.

Missy, the dam, is a German bred female. She has some of the best Hege-Haus dogs in her four generation pedigree. For more information about Missy, please click here.

Description: Nestley is a very prey driven female. She is a female with a lot of speed and stamina. She quarters extremely well and she covers a lot of ground quickly. Her nose is exceptional. Nestley has always been a very natural hunter. She does well in the water. At home, she is a calm and very affectionate dog. She is type of a dog that's always looking to please.