Bona's Hans

Sex: Male

Date of birth: October 24, 2012
Height: 25.5 inches (65cm)
Weight: 68lbs (31kg

Pedigree: Hans's pedigree is stacked with dual quality dogs. Most of his pedigree are European field trial dogs with exceptional noses and hunting styles. His grand-sire, Anno od NS Nadaljske was an International Champion that won all but one field trial that he competed in. Hans's sire, Leo od Kije, is a Dual Champion. His grand-sire, Prinz Del Rade Savic was an International Champion and a World Field Trial Champion.

Description: Hans is an energetic male that is always eager to work. He is a lot of fun to hunt over. In the field, he carries himself with a lot of grace. He quarters the field exceptionally well and at high intensity. Hans is a mid-range working dog that covers a lot of ground quickly. He is a very tough hunter and he will hunt any kind of terrain for any amount of time. At home, he is a medium energy dog. Has is very intelligent and obedient.