Flyn (Azir)

Sex: Male

Date of birth: January 20, 2011
Height: 26inches (66cm)
Weight: 78lbs (35kg

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Pedigree: Flyn's pedigree consists of strong DK background. His sire, Ilo Von Der Zista, is a very well know stud in Germany. You can view more information about him at: . Flyn has some of the very best German dogs in his pedigree. Most of the dogs in his pedigree are titled and a lot of them are Kleeman dogs.

Description: Flyn is an excellent "all around" dog. In the field, he is a close to mid range working dog with all natural hunting abilities. He is a an excellent swimmer and a great retriever. While he is a large male, he carries his weight exceptionally well. He has beauitful movement and shows a lot of poise in the field and at home. Flyn is a very confident and intelligent dog. He is also a very calm dog at home. Flyn is a great example of GERMAN Shorthaired Pointer, a versatile dog in the field and a loving companion at home.