Bona's Boss

Sex: Male

Date of birth: July 8, 2011
Height: 26 inches (66cm)
Weight: 78lbs (35kg

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Pedigree: Boss's pedigree is exceptional on both sides. His dam is daughter of Don, who was a Dual Champion. He is also grand son of Bona, who was also a Dual Champion. Through his dam's side he has some of very notable Eastern European dogs. Most of the pedigree is filled with Champions, Field Champions and Dual Champions.

His sire is Balzac De La Haille Au Loup. Balzac is an International Champion. To view more information about Balzac, click here.

Description: Boss is an "all around" dog. He truly defines the statement "all around dog". In the field, he is a close to mid range working male. He quarters the field exceptionally well with tons of drive. His nose is absolutely remarkable. I have seen him get on points from as far as 90 yards out. If there is a bird in the field, he'll find it. From the first steps in the field, he has been a natural and easy to work with dog. Boss is a great swimmer and retriever. At home, he is a very calm dog. Even when other dogs are excited to go hunting, he'll lay in his kennel with his feet crossed. Once he enters the field, that persona changes in an instant. He has tons of energy in the field and a huge hunting heart.