Bona's Bonita

Sex: Female

Date of birth: October 21, 2011
Height: 24inches (61cm)
Weight: 58lbs (26kg

Pedigree: Bonita's dam is Airin ze Stipek. She comes from the Chezk Republic. She is an International Champion, Multi Champion, Champion of Serbia, SOLMs winner. Her entire pedigree is stacked with dual quality dogs. Pedigree can be viewed at:

Balzac, the sire, is an International Champion. Click here to view details about him.

Description: Bonita is a very calm and intelligent dog. In the field, she is a mid range working dog. She has excellent natural hunting ability. She has always been a very trainable and easy to work with dog. Her nose is excellent. Bonita makes a wonderful, loving companion as well.