Sex: Female

Date of birth: May 27, 2013
Height: 24.5inches (62cm)
57lbs (26kg)

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Pedigree: Bella's pedigree is stacked with dual quality dogs. Her sire, Diogenis, is the 2010 European Champion. His sire, Obelix, is the 2006 Junior World Winner, International Champion and a Dual Champion. Some of the other notable dogs in her pedigree are Ungaro vom Hege-Haus, Uche z Czarnego Dworu, Kunfehertoi Baro, Will of Dramistta, Jogurt Vom Hege-Haus.

Description: Bella is a Champion of Serbia. Bella is a very calm, intelligent and loving dog. She is very easy to work with and she is always looking to please. While she is a calm dog at home, she is very energetic in the field. She works close and quarters exceptionally well. Bella is an excellent retriever and a great water working dog. She is a great example of an "all around" GSP.