Balzac De La Haille Au Loup

Sex: Male

Date of birth: August 24, 2006
Height: 26 inches (66cm)
Weight: 78lbs (35kg

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Pedigree: Balzac has an incredible pedogree. You can look up Balzac's line at: . He has some of the best French dogs in his pedigree. His dam was a vice-champion of France. His sire was a dual champion. His sire and grandsire are among the best known dogs when it comes to French GSPs and overall top GSPs across Europe.

Description: Balzac is an International Champion. He is an extraordinary example of a German Shorthaired Pointer. He is an extremely intelligent, confident and affectionate dog. At home, he is a very calm dog. He has excellent energy and drive in the field. His nose is absolutely outstanding. What makes him a great stud dog is that he transfers all of these great characteristics to his off-springs. It's not unusual to see his sons and daughters point from more than 80 yards out. All of the dogs that we have had out of him are extremely trainable and natural hunters. Balzac is a great retriever and he does extremely well in the water.