Arex Vom Schnepfenstrich

Sex: Male

Date of birth: February 16, 2012
Height: 25.5inches (65cm)
Weight: 68lbs (31kg

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Pedigree: Arex has a strong DK pedigree. His entire background consists of dual quality dogs. Most of his pedigree are Kleeman dogs. They're good sized dogs that are close range hunters. Most of his pedigree leads back to Hege-Haus lines. What stands out about these dogs is their ability in the water, strong retrieving and they're much calmer than most lines of GSPs.

Description:Arex was imported from Germany. He has been tested while he was in Germany: Derby 3/1, Solms 1, AH, BTR 7 Month, HN (Hardness (Fox) 8 Month), FW: V1, HD: A2. Arex is not a typical DK. He is a lighter built dog. He is an extremely athletic dog that carries himself with a lot of poise. In the field he has tons of drive. Arex has a good nose with all natural hunting ability. He makes an exceptional waterfowl hunter. His drive in the water is just as high as in the field and he is a very natural retriever. At home, he is a laid back dog. Arex is a very loving companion.